阪神金属のど自慢大会 開催予定 EN



To All Concerned,


Due to concerns over the spread of Coronavirus, we sorry to announce the cancellation of Hanshin Singing Contest.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


We will be considering to reschedule the event while monitoring the situation and updates of our event will be announced on our website.


Thank you very much.










The first Hanshin Kinzoku Singing contest ~にっぽんのうた歌います~


We are happy to announce that we will have a [Hanshin Kinzoku Singing contest ~にっぽんのうた歌います~] sponsored by Hanshin Kinzoku Cooperative!!


Contestant must sing a Japanese song and we will be post on our website and the contestant who gets the most votes will be the winner!!


The registration form will be posted on April 17th, please wait a moment now


  • Prizes

1st place :  Apple Watch (Apple)

2nd place :  Air pods (Apple)

3rd place :  Bluetooth speaker (SONY)


  • Participants

Applicable for Technical intern trainees, Workers(FSWAP/FCWAP) and Specified skilled workers of Hanshin Kinzoku Cooperative and currently living in Japan.


  • Singing Contest Schedule


Apply  April 17 (Fri)~May 10 (Sun)

Screening & Judging  May 11(Mon)~May 14(Thu)

Voting  May 15 (Fri)~May 24 (Sun)

Vote Counting  May 25 (Mon)~May 28(Thu)

Result  May 29 (Fri)


  • How to post?


Fill up the registration form to be posted on Hanshin Kinzoku Website ( on April 17.

[Required items for registration]

① Name

② Title of the Song, Name of the Singer

③ Email address

④  Link of which you posted on Facebook/ YouTube/Twitter


Please paste the link of Facebook/YouTube/Twitter on your work



A: Must be any JAPANESE song and any genre

B: DO NOT send anything unrelated to this contest

C: MUST be your voice. (You may use background music/chorus)

D: Details of the video are below:

  1. your singing

2 Put the below caption on the description:


Hanshin Kinzoku will be held a singing contest!!

Please vote for me!!



E: Post it on your Facebook/YouTube/Twitter and copy that link and paste it on the registration form

F: ONE post per person

G: Recording location


・Your room

(BE CAREFUL when you are recording to avoid noise problems and recording time must be between 10am-6pm)


  • How to vote?

After screening and judging, we will post the link of nominated performances on May 15 on our website and vote for the BEST work on the specified voting website.


If you love singing, love Japan or want to be famous, please join the contest!!



神戸市中央区多聞通5-2-15 丸久ビル3F
TEL:078-366-2887 /  FAX:078-341-2889

広島市南区荒神町5-8 キャッスル林2F

岡山県岡山市北区本町6-36 岡山第一セントラルビル4階
TEL:086-800-1372 / FAX:078-341-2889