阪神金属とくぎ自慢大会 開催!! EN


Hanshin Kinzoku Talent Contest

The first Hanshin Kinzoku Talent contest

Do you wanna show us your talent?



We are happy to announce that we will have a [Hanshin Kinzoku Talent contest ~ Do you wanna show us your talent?~] sponsored by Hanshin Kinzoku Cooperative!!


Contestant must be take a video of your talent and we will be post it on our website.


The contestant who gets the most votes will be the winner!


Those who think “I’m the most amazing!!” “No one can do this!” “I want to make fun!” “I want the prize!” “I want to be in the spotlight!” please join this contest!


Click here for the registration form!




1st place: Apple Watch (Apple)


2nd place: Air Pods (Apple)


3rd place: Bluetooth speaker (SONY)



■Contest Schedule

① Apply: August 19 (Thu) to September 19 (Sun)

② Screening & Judging: September 20(Mon) to September 23 (Thu)

③ Voting: September 24(Fri) to October 3 (Sun)

④ Vote Counting: October 4 (Mon) to October 6 (Wed)

⑤ Result: October 8 (Fri)



How to join?

Fill up the registration form to be posted on Hanshin Kinzoku Website



[Required items for registration]


  1. Name (Last name/First name/Middle name)


  1. Name of your company


  1. Content of your talent


  1. Express your wish for this contest


  1. Link of which you posted on Facebook/YouTube




A: The content of the video must be your talent or special skills.


For example:

・500 juggles


・Back flip

・Body as instrument


・Painting (Must record the process of painting)

・Crafting (Must record the process of crafting) etc..


*We will recommend to take a video in landscape*


  • Click here for sample video●


B: Post it on your Facebook/YouTube and copy that link and paste it on the registration form.


*Put the below caption on the description:


Hanshin Kinzoku will be held a talent contest!!

 Please vote for me!!




C: ONE post per person.


Prohibited matters


・ Do not send anything unrelated to this contest such as obscene or slanderous things.

・ Do not shoot in dangerous places or make works that cause dangerous acts.

・ Do not shoot in a way that causes noise or annoyance to the neighborhood.

・ Do not shoot in a way that is illegal



■How to vote?

After screening and judging, we will post the link of nominated performances on September 24 on our website. (Hanshin Kinzoku officers will nominate the performances.)


Vote for the BEST work on the specified voting website.


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